A Horde Raiding Guild on Arugal.

Shootin’ for the best

Some would say that hiring Shooter McGavin to record a recruitment video for our guild is a stupid thing to do. Those people are not Titan material.


A group of friendly and competitive players from all walks of life.

Our guild has 2 raid teams that endeavour to clear all of the PVE content that Classic WoW has to offer. Completing everyone’s BIS gear lists and nostalgia trips along the way!

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Schedule and Loot System

Raid Team 1
8:00pm – 11:00ish pm Server Time
Thursday, Sunday, and Tuesday
Loot Council

Raid Team 2
8:00pm – 11:00pm Server Time
Wednesday and Monday
Loot Council

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Transparent Leadership

Titan’s leadership team has extensive WoW and real-world management experience, and places a high value on transparency with the raid team.

Decisions affecting the guild are made with every raider in mind and are done so after appropriate research and consideration.

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Strategic Thinking

Our approach to raiding is to formulate detailed raid assignments, optimise our strategies and tactics, and execute the plan in an efficient and banter-filled manner. With 2 raid teams we have even more man-power to strategise and overcome.

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Committed Raiders

Members of Titan are in it for the long haul. WoW is a grind that is only improved by the friendships and experiences along the way. We encourage active participation in guild activities and helping fellow members.

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Joining Titan

Here are our current openings within Titan.

Standout players are still encouraged to reach out even if your class is not listed here.

Team Nighthawk

1x Warlock

Team Dragon

1x Boomkin